Cod Related 1-800 Numbers

For your enjoyment and convienence FDLFDWCTT has compiled a list of cod related 1-800 numbers. We hope this list proves to be a valuable resorce for your cod related research and is not abused by panty-waisted prank callers (or even prank callers without panty waists) or those pro cod-trouser driving tricksters.

1-800-Good Cod      A non cod related phone uh....sez....line

1-800-Oh My Cod     An unidentified modem

1-800-Cod Fish      This place is actually called "Little Fish 
1-800-Your Cod      AFAA Fitness center. We think that stands for 
                    All Fish Ate Annie. Thats okay though, we never 
                    liked Annie anyway.
1-800-Cod 4 God     IOF Travel Agency. Does IOF stand for 
                    Internatiional Order of the Fish?
1-800-No Cod No     Shomegen's Links School Long Distance,
                    or something like that.    
1-80Cod 4 You       SLM Software. Anonther acronym. Sounds fishy to

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