Cheap Clothing began its illustrious career on a cold February day in 1996. Basically I was in tenth grade and didn't want to do work in my World Cultures class. I managed to get a pass to the school library with my two good friends to do "research" on the Internet. By the end of class we had the original Cheap Clothing Web Site. It was hosted on some crazy free web hosting site and features black text on and orange background.

Oddly enough, Cheap Clothing was a success. We went to an organization called Zug-a-Rific and they reviewed our site, causing untold popularity. Unfortunately, our web host went down and we had to replicate the site on Tripod.

Meanwhile I went to work on a printed Cheap Clothing magazine. Our first issue was about eight pages of articles. I wrote almost all of them myself, and did all the graphic design work (very lo-fi so that it would reproduce on a copy machine.) An unnamed teacher at my high school secretly made seventy full copies of the magazine for me and then I realized that there were two typos on the front cover, oh well.

Armed with the fact that I was a publisher, I tromped over to the local Tower Books with a backpack full of magazines to try to get them to put it in the zine section. They told me that my product was "to small" and would "get lost". So they were right, but they were still jerks. Not to be bested by the jerks at Tower, I enlisted all of my friends in art class to write "$.50" on the cover and my e-mail address on the back. I then managed to sell $11.00 worth. I was a success!

My next issue came out that summer. It was much bigger and had a greater variety of articles by different authors. I spent $40.00 at The Copy House to get seventy issues copied by some really nice people (thank you out there!). That issue was distributed at the Thursday Night Market in Sacramento. I was told my magazine was "cool" by Melanie of the band Luckie Strike. I also got one favorable e-mail about it. Woo-Hoo!

Then senior year of high school came upon me. I tried to scrape an issue of the magazine together, but man, I was lazy. I did write my college application essay on my experiences with the Cheap Clothing magazine. I also got a lot of strange e-mail about the original Cheap Clothing site, calling me "too lame to be on the web" and other nice things.

So I got into college (UC Santa Cruz) and here I am with my fat ethernet connection and this fat new site! So there you go.