One of the cheapest and most personal ways to aquire Cheap Clothing is to make it. Can't sew? neither can I. Almost all these projects are no sew. Also included is the definintive tie-dye process, discovered after years of experimentation. Enjoy!

Pillow case dress Make a dress that is really really tiny but just so cute! If you are really ghetto you'll but your pillow case at a thrift store.

Sock Gloves For when its chilly outside but you still need those agile fingers. For class use black nylons.

Sock Hat This is so cute because thecorners poke up like little cat ears.

Strip of fabric shirt is actually a shirt made of nothing but a strip of fabric. Dont wear it around your Grandmother.

Sweatshirt hat This hat is actually hip...I promise!

Tie dye mania Years of tie dye parties has led to this definitive article