Are you sick of spending a whole paycheck on one miserable sweater? Are you tired of looking just like everybody else in your off the rack styles? Are you ready to give up the world of ugly, expensive cookie cutter clothes? Welcome to Cheap Clothing.

What is Cheap Clothing? We are the only internet resource for information on cheap clothing that is not trying to sell you anything. Its all about information and keeping you out the grasp of the mind controlling retail establishment. We offer informative how tos, thought provoking articles and life changing thrift store (and book!) reviews. So please look around and please mail me with what you think!



Our most important news is the most obvious news...which is our FAT NEW SITE! After years of lo-fi text only drudgery, we now have a beautiful, comprehensive site featuring new material and material from past issues of the Cheap Clothing magazine. As for other news, well there isn't any, so just content yourself with looking at our FAT NEW SITE, all right? Have Fun!