Cheese on the Wall Production Team

and the Pro-Cod Christina (ech! spit on the name)

Hello...welcome to Cheese on the Wall Productions, a media division of FDLFDWCTT. We got started when the great Andrew said "Hey everybody...let's make claymation". So, sheeplike, we did. Now we are known throughout the land and in the same ranks as such people as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Bob Dole. Cheese on the Wall Production's current project is "LIfe Gourd", the heartwrenching saga of a baby, an intertube, a tenticle, and a gourd. It will premiere in the Tower of Youth Film Festival at the Crest Theater in Sacramento, CA (How's that for a buncha proper nouns, eh?). We look foward to entering the Cannes and the Sundance Film Festival and winning numerous expensive prizes. We also forsee eventual home video release and a run on Pay-per-View and cable TV.

people have heard the word