Choose Your Own Codventure

Hi-Ho. Welsome to the worlds first web based choose your own Codventure. This game was designed by Even Sven to help teach and entertain Friends Don;t Let Friend Drive With Cod in Their Trousers members and non-members alike. To play just click on what you want to do, but no fair using the back button on your browser.

Your at school. The bell rings. A mob of people rush out, nearly knocking you down. Woo-Hoo! time to go home. You look around for some friends. You see your friend Christina across the quad. You like Christina alright, but she's a bit of a wild one. You know, home isn't really that far. It's a nice day. But then you remember hust how heavy your backpack really is. Do you try to hitch a ride with Christina or do you rough it home?

I want to

Go with Christina
Walk home

people have wasted time here