This page will document our meetings (gatherings, film time, and anything else)  so that we can remember what happened and people that were not there how things are going.  If you do miss something that you were supposed to come to, please check back here so that you know how things are happening and what you are expected to do

Thursday April 20 (Section)- Our proposal was approved, and mostly we sat around for a long time idley chatting. The whole section thing isnt really gonna happen anymore, so one person a week is going to go in and meet with our TA.

Wednesday April 19 (After Class)- Well, you were there....we talked a little more about how we want to set up the video and a bit more on what things people would like to focus on. Oh! and Katie got some still photos from Pleasure Pizza but no video footage.

Monday April 17 (Instead of out cancelled class) - Therese, Katie and I showed up and eventually moved the meeting to my house (I live in Kresge, just around the corner from the classroom). We did some more planning on what we wanted to focus on. We decided to look less at pro surfers and more at everyday surfers, in order to capture the spiret and commradery present. Some ideas to look at were:
*Paradise Surf Shop- A shop owned by woman surfers
*Pleasure Pizza
*Other jobs that surfers hold (for example one of the Jitney drivers surfs)
Katie brought up that she would like to take still photgraphs, so we talked about how to incorporate those into the video. We also talked a bit about music and sounds that we would like to put in. Finally, I gave Katie a quick video lesson so that she could start getting footage this week.

Thursday April 13 (Section) -  This was our first time in section and we formed a group. We talked a little bit about our ideas for the project and what parts of it we are the most interested in working on. We agreed to meet after class on Monday