When I wrote my part, my main intent was just to get stuff down on paper...I really did make up a lot of stuff off the top of my head, so don't see this as written in stone or even written in much of anything. I don't have Therese's part up quite yet.

    For centuries, people have repeated myths about mermaid, sea-witches, and goddesses born from sea foam. Woman have long been associated with the ocean. Strangely, it has taken a long time for women to be accepted into the sport of surfing. Thanks to a few brave and persistent women, many women now surf. An entire culture surrounds them, yet that culture is often left unseen. Plenty of people still picture women on the sidelines,  working on their tan and waiting for their  handsome boyfriends to get out of the water. Such stereotypes blind people to the dynamic and wonderful women who surf today. Hopefully education and understanding can change that.
    We are going to do our project on local women who surf. Instead of focusing on professionals, like many surf documentaries do, we want to focus on the everyday women who surf. Our goal is to show a side of women's surfing that has not been documented before.  We would like  to look at their lives in and out of the water, so that the viewer understands the surfers as fully rounded people.  We also want to look at places where women who surf gather, such as Pleasure Pizza and Paradise Surf Shop. By showing different aspects of their lives, we hope to show some of the spirituality and camaraderie present in women's' surfing culture.
     We intend to present out project on video. We will utilize moving image, still photographs and sound on our video. Moving images will provide the bulk of our project. We will use still photos, taken both in and out of the water, to freeze in time images that would be lost in moving pictures do to the nature of surfing. As for sound, we plan to use interviews to allow the viewers to hear the actual voices of women's surfing. We also are looking for music by bands with women in them that highlight our point of view. By using a variety of different mediums, we hope to maximize out impact and look at different angles of women's surfing.
    We plan to use interviews to guide our video.  We will use the interviews as voice -overs  for images of the women surfing and doing other things that they do in everyday life. Hopefully, the interviews we record will provide enough context and narration for the rest of out images. We plan to avoid traditional narrative voice-overs. By doing this, we hope to show women's surfing from the women surfer's point of view. We want the viewer to understand what it is like to actually be a woman surfer. The best way to do that is to allow the actual women who surf to speak.
    We are already gathering material for out project. By April 24th we plan to have contacted all of our sources and finalize our shooting schedule. We will spent the next two and a half weeks shooting footage for out video.  At least one of those weekends will be spent on the beach gather footage of  women actually surfing. The rest of the shooting will be at the women's homes, workplaces, and gathering spots. While we are shooting video, we will also be taking still photos. By April tenth, we plan to have all of out video and still photos taken. The remainder of the time will be spent developing our still photos and editing video. This schedule will allow us to get all of our tasks done, and still allow us time for unforeseen problems.