April 25th
    Since I am running this web page, I get to make my general apology on the front page. I am very very very sorry I dint make it to class on Monday...I had a doctor's appointment in San Francisco that ran over and completely ruined all my plans to get back home and I didnt end up getting in until late. That said, things are looking good as far as getting woork on the project done. We have a long ways to go, but we can do it! Soon enough we'll have some footage and then we willbe on a roll.

April 17th
     Welcome to the webpage for the Womens' Surfing group in social documentation. Hopefully this page will become a resource for all the people in this group (and hopefully we will find a better name). Please take the time to look at the different sectiions and feel free to tell me any ways that you think the page can be improved. I know that I am a terrible speller, so please please ignore all of the spelling mistakes. Also, it got too wierd to keep refering to myself in the third person, so any reference to "I" or "me" means Jennifer. I think we have a great group and a great project, and I look forward to working with all of you on this project. Thank you!