Mushroom Stroganoff

Mmmm...Mushrooms, wine, and sour cream. I made up this recipe after we made mushroon stroganoff on the Green Tortoise (an adventure travel group...their great, check them out). All I could remember was that the sour cream went in last. I just made up the rest of the recipe. Enjoy!

Mushrooms are good
* A bunch of mushrooms. I like to use a variety of whatever they have in the store, but ordinary button mushrooms will work, just as well.
* An onion
*Olive oil
*Cheap white wine
*A tub of sour cream

Cut half of the onion into little pieces. Fry those in a little olive oil while you slice the mushrooms. add a little white wine and then add the sliced mushrooms. Add a little more wine and then let it reduce a while. When you seem resonably satisfied that it has reduced enough (ach! this is little vague, isn't it?) take it off the heat and add the sour cream until it is at a consistancy that pleases you. Enjoy with a nice green salad and the rest of that cheap white wine.

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