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Christina is a dangerous Pro-Cod Trousers Driving activist. She actually ENCOURAGES the dangerous practice of Cod-Trouser Driving. She calsims that she only wants people to have a choice but we know that that is not true. She is part of a facist plot to subvert our minds through the use of cod. thats true. I can't give more details or else they will kill me...but beware. This woman is trouble. Should you see her on the streets, you should run and hide. She probably has some stinky fish secreted in her tousers. FDLFDWCTT is tracking her activities secretly. She tends to habit thrift stores, Ska shows, Thurday Night Market and Swing dances. All such places are known "hang outs" for dangerous thugs and Pro-Cod infidels. She is trying to destroy FDLFDWCTT by become "innocently" involved with Cheese on the Wall Productions, our media division. She is also "innocently" active with Cheap Clothing, a FDLFDWCTT supported magazine. Do not be betrayed, though. She is dangerous.

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