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Member FDLFDWCTT: Jennifer

Jennifer (otherwise known as Even Sven) has been a loyal Friends Don't Let Friends Drive With Cod in Their Trousers member from it's early days. She joined for the prestige and to make buisness contacts. Her official title is the exalted "Queen Godess of FDLFDWCTT". She says "FDLFDWCC...oh...FDLFDLFDL....no....Fronds Don't Let Friend Drive With Cod in Their Trousers is a really good thing". She has vastly increased our Web Empire, creating th hugely sucessful FDLFDWCTT Issues Forum, along with numorous other FDLFDWCTT related pages. She is a filmaker with our media division, Cheese on the Wall Productions and also publishes Cheap Clothing (an FDLFDWCTT supported publication). At school she is part of the Drama Puppit Government and also hold the Literary Magazine editorial staff in her grubby little hands. As you can see from the full color portrait on the left she is quite fetching also.

Jennifer Run Web Pages

FDLFDWCTT Issues Forum: The hugely sucessful place to talk about FDLFDWCTT issues (Obvious enough)
The Punk Rock Forum: Punk everywhere visit her to dicuss issues facing Punk Rock today
Cheap Clothing: THe origional Cheap Clothing web site, as created by Jennifer, Noah and Christina
The Mr. T Experience Haiku Page: Read and Write Haiku about MTX
Noah or Mike?: Vote for the biggest babe...Noah or Mike

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