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This is a place for punks (or what have you) everywhere to voice their opinion. This is NOT a place for poseing and "punker then thou" attitudes. If you really want to say "fuck you you all suck" thats cool, but we've heard it all before. This isn't run by some guy in buisness suit or a giant corporation but a 17 year old kid in Sacramento thats sick of a lot of stuff going on in punk today (Enough about Green Day already eh?) and punx on MTV. I've been running this place for a bit over a year now and THANK YOU to all who come here! Sorry about the annoying as hell pop up window...this is a free page and I'm too ghetto to pay for a real page. If you have questions, comments, IDEAS FOR QUESTIONS, or just wanna tell me how lame I am send me tons of mail....that magic adress...evensven@hotmail.com

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This Month's Question

Why all the violence? Is violence and punk even compatable? Is it okay to go to a show with the sole purpose of bashing someones brains in? Or is the violence neccisary (As in "Justice and then Peace")? What about the revolution I hear all about? Is that gonna be violent? Also...What questions would you like to see adressed here?

Because the allmighty Tripod tries to make me pay for a guestbook I am (alas) forced to resort to othe people. Click where it says to clisk and that willsend you to some madness called "Dream Book". Go say you want to sign it and write your opinion there. Sorry this is so not good.....I'm looking for better services all the time and Trying my best to keep th forum alive...

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