A place for writers, readers, artists and publishers to get together and help eachother.

Is the Man keeping you down? Got a zine or e-zine that you just can't seem to publisize or distribute? Or are you still at a loss for articles and writers? Fear not fellow publishers, for ZinEmpire is here!
A little background. I love communication. To communicate is one of the greatest powers that we little people have against The Man (or whoever is keeping you down). I publish my own magazine and have been frusterated at the lack of resources availible to me as a literarly no-budget publisher. I'm sure that you can feel my pain. So, to better the good of the small publishing community, I introduce ZinEmpire! Enjoy.
-Even Sven 1999

As this page is brand new, I don't have all of the features up that I plan to have in the future. But the future is not now so I give you this....

CONNECTIONS- This is a list of all of the 'zines and e-zines that I could get my grubby little hands on to. Contains complete contact info, a summery, and a link if possible for evry listing. Right now the entrys are somewaht spartan, but soon I will have more and will have to arrange them by title, subject, and location.

THE LIST- This is a mailing list for writers and publishers. What happens is that I send out notices to interest writers about magazines that are looking for articles. That way, publishers can get varied and interesting articles and writers can get published more widely. Right now The List isn't too long, so join!

LINKS- This should be obvious. Right now the links are slim pickin's so suggest soome to me!

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