Even Sven's Vegetarian Recipe Exchange

Sick of people assuming that all you eat is salad? Had your last Vegi-Burger? Want some real food? Welcome! This exchange was set up by a couple of vegetarians looking for recipes that are meat free, quick and cheap to prepare, don't have five million ingridients, and are enjoyable for non-vegitarians as well. Thats asking quite a lot, isn't it? Well everything is worth a shot. Come in and look around, and please share your favorite recipes (eggs and cheese are okay, but feel free to share vegan recipes as well.). As we get more and more recipes, this page will becaome more and more useful so post your recipes. ! Hopefully this will be a valuable resource for everyone. Have fun!
UPDATE! We finally have a new messege board style exchange. It doesnt have too many recipes yet, so please, add your own! Bookmark it and come back later to see what new recipes people have added. Come take a look around and enjoy our new, easy to use and easy to add to exchange!

ENTER THE VEGETARIAN RECIPE EXCHANGE Come see and add to the redesigned vegetarian recipe exhange!

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Other Resources

World Guide to Vegetarianism: City by city guide to friendly restaurants, stores and organizations. Very Cool.
Vegetarianism: Good arguments for vegetarianism. Lots of nifty links.
McVegan: McDonalds Vs. The Vegan. Watch 'em duke it out.
Go Vegetarian: A short page of pro-vegetarian statistics. Print it out and give it to your mom.
I'm a Vegetarian: An inspirational story, I think.
Questioning Nutritional, Ethical, and Ecological Arguments About Vegetarianism : Know your opposition. This is a anti-vegitarian essay. Is it amusing or scary?

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